John Travolta accidentally hands VMA award to Taylor Swift’s Drag Queen

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John Travolta just gave VMA the job of Drag Race Alum Jade Jolie in the Taylor Swift, and he didn’t generally realize he was not Taylor Swift, thinking it was really Taylor Swift, ‘ Twitter ‘. ‘I … shaking.’


John Travolta composes: ‘John Travolta tries different things with another character from Ira Madison III, web recording and online networking character of Adele Dazim, with the investment of Entertainment Weekly’s creator, Joey Nolphy,’ John Travolta misses Taylor’s understanding Swift by Jade Jolie. ‘


VMA 2019: rundown of victors


Entirely, associated with the ‘RuPaul’ cycling race, revealed to USA Today in June that she was excited to play doppelganger to get ready Swift in the video ‘You Need to Calm Down’.


‘It was superior to anything I had envisioned,’ she says. ‘She came into our changing area when we didn’t plan to do anything, she adored investing energy with us. I tried to go to every one of us independently. It was cool.


Gracious, why does the agreement make a difference?


Ten years after Taylor West Swift’s inconsiderate discourse by Kelly West at the MTV Video Music Awards, the pop star got acclaim on Monday, winning the current year’s best video grant for her expert LGTBQ song of praise ‘You should quiet down . ”


It was a positive point at a gathering that kept on attempting to keep up its pertinence, which turned out to be horrendously evident for its off-site have, entertainer Sebastian Manexico, and as far as anyone knows viral brilliant minutes, for example, True ‘couple’ translated by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Capello without Love and win the two part harmony ‘Senorita’.


Here are the five things you should think about the current year’s VMAs, which are held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Taylor Swift makes us white house Trump mixed eyes


Following the arrival of her widely praised seventh collection ‘Sweetheart,’ last Friday, Swift opened the VMAs with a connecting with heart appear in the sentimental title, which she performed in front of an audience in the focal point of the guitar in a great Purple and brilliant coat.


On Monday, the artist broke down and sparkled with her kindred craftsmen, singing the exhibitions of Lil Nas X and Missy Elliott with her unmistakable move steps, and leaving the mouthpiece to YouTube star Todrick Hall, tolerating a Good video cost for ‘You Need to Calm Yourself’.


At the point when Swift took the mouthpiece in the wake of winning the video of the year grant, she kept down her discourse yet demonstrated a great deal of governmental issues, perceiving the request of the Equality Act that showed up toward the part of the arrangement video.


Miley Cyrus makes her first enthusiastic presentation since the split of Liam Hemsworth


Cyrus made the foundation of the second marriage when she and Hemsworth, her present accomplice and her eight-month-old spouse, declared their partition not long ago. A couple of days after the fact, the artist/entertainer discharged a well known melody, ‘Slide Away,’ which unmistakably denotes the couple for a long time.


Wearing a basic dark dress and wet hair, supported by an ensemble, Cyrus deciphered the tune alone legitimately with a solid, unadorned execution that is probably the most grounded melody in years.


Twitter loses its visitor all of a sudden during Missy Elliott


The champ of the 2006 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard, Missy Elliott, earned extraordinary compared to other VMA ever when she finished a unique blend of the greatest occasions, including ‘Get Ur Freak On’ and ‘Work It ‘Dutch’ and ‘lose control’.


In any case, there was no uncertainty that the perfection of Elliott’s respect in his discourse was tears in his eyes, and Cardy’s first presentation was not fun loving hip-jump. Rather, it was when Eliot featured 10-year-old Allison Stoner, moving in an exceptional path on the rapper’s ‘Work It’ tape and setting up her amazing moves during the show from Monday to Friday. 26 years of age.


Stoner was hailed as ‘legend’ and ‘epic’ on Twitter, making watchers nostalgic for 2003.


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